Freeze Dried Meals

Now you can take our meals anywhere with you… Even if you are trekking up the tallest mountain or sailing the roughest sea’s.  We have hand picked a selection of our chef prepared meals that have been made using the best of Tasmania’s produce. We have then freeze dried them to trap in all their nutritional benefits so you know you are fueling your body to keep going day after day.

 Our freeze dried meals are full of protein so you can add your carbohydrate to them if you desire, or otherwise leave it out, it is your choice!!! We offer freeze dried white rice options to add if you wish. Our sachets are definitely enough for two people when adding a sachet of rice or pasta with them but if you are enjoying them on their own without rice or pasta we would suggest they would be a single serving.

One thing we do know is that you will love the taste…., we cant wait for you to try them!!!!!

Click & collect or Delivery options are available Australia wide